About Us

About Us

Medical speciality concerned with the care of acutely ill patients.

As IT professionals and people who want to make a change in the world, we saw that Health is still lacking in the country which has brought many death impacts. And so as a result, we came up with Edoctorug site that you can use for getting prescription very fast rather than waiting for hours to see a doctor, ordering drugs, ordering lab tests, ordering ambulance for your sickness condition at a reduced price.

Primary Care

We provide care for all the clients pertaining their health.

Symptom Check

Our Doctors perform a full and thorough checkup after a chat.


As far as diseases are concerned, pharmacists deliver the medicines that you order very fast at your door step.

Lab Test

We have experienced Lab Technicians that are always ready to come to your home with diagnostic kits to test you fully.

Ambulance service

We provide ambulance services to all those who need to have bed at hospitals and those in critical conditions.


We do work with different health facilities around the country and fully regsitered as well by the Ministry of health.

Our Team

Mr. Mandela Shaban


I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Dr. Kenan

General Doctor

I am a doctor who is always passionate about Medicine and compassionate about People.

Dr. Violah Ahurira

General Doctor

At Edoctorug, be assured of a wealth of experience to heal and help you.

Naamara Hannington


I give my clients complete freedom while collaborating with them to find performances.