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Dr violah(Doctor)

Undertook a Research based community placement majoring in Resistance to HIV
counselling and testing in the community at Rukunyu health center IV and Rukunyu
village, Kamwenge district June 2nd 2018- June 23rd 2018
Undertook a voluntary hospital placement at Ruharo Mission Hospital in Mbarara. June to 2016

Good Clinical Practice course. Completed on 29thAugust 2020
Completed a 5 days’course in Essential Surgical Skills at Mbarara Regional Referral hospital 18thMarch –22ndMarch 2019
Completed ETAT + Course(Emergency Triage and Treatment plus Admission)at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital 23rd-24thMarch 2019
Took a 5 days’course under youth leadership and community development November 2018
Undertook a leadership and community based research training May 2018-June 2018