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Posted on  December 4, 2021  by  Adam


It’s one of the main symptoms responsible for health facility visits usually. Headache itself is not a disease but a manifestation of a range of disease processes in the body. It being a disorder of its own is a diagnosis of exclusion by carrying out relevant investigations.

Headache Can Be Classified As; 

• Cluster headaches

Migraine headaches mainly; can also be classified based on their location i.e. frontal, occipital, parietal, temporal, and diffuse headaches.

Causes of Headache Can Be:

• Medical, associated with medical illnesses like malaria, typhoid, arthritis, meningitis, hypertension, sinusitis, common cold, dental infections, ear nose and throat infections, anemia Etc

• Surgical causes like head injuries, brain abscesses, brain aneurysms, brain masses, high intracranial pressure. Etc

• Metabolic disorders like hypoglycemia, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance. Etc Eye and sight disorders like myopia, hyper myopia, glaucoma, eye strains over phone, television, dim lights, too much bright light. Etc

• Psychiatric disorders like general anxiety disorders, acute stress reactions. Etc

• Drugs/substance abuse, some medicinal products have headaches as their side effects. Substances like alcohol, marijuana, opioids, tobacco, other substances of abuse


This involves excluding potential medical, surgical, metabolic, psychiatric, drug causes of headache by carrying out relevant lab investigations and imaging where necessary. For headaches not associated with any medical, surgical, psychiatric, metabolic disorder. Adequate analgesia is the main pharmacologic treatment also low dose antihypertensive could be added But also consult us, medical workers, before any medication. BUSULWAADAMAKIM@ADAMCLINICOS Doctor access URL is edoctorug


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