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Posted on  December 4, 2021  by  Adam


Hypertension Disease This is commonly called "pressure". It's a non-communicable cardiovascular system disease affecting all ages and sex but more pronounced in adults of >50 years of age. The disease has no known cause but has a multitude of risk factors some of which could be modifiable or non-modifiable. Its detection and diagnosis are usually accidental during routine medical checks and exams, the signs and symptoms vary according to grade and severity and how well one's body can tolerate changes in raised blood pressure. If not detected early and managed can have profound disabling complications.


What Is A Hypertension Headache:

High blood pressure can cause us to have a headache, and this kind of headache signals an emergency. This occurs when our blood pressure becomes dangerously high. A hypertension headache will usually occur on both sides of our head and is typically worse with any activity.

Modifiable Risks to Hypertension;

  • Diet- too many fats, oils, cholesterol, and raw salt.

  • Drugs and substance abuse- alcohol, smoking, cannabis use, etc

  • Lifestyle- sedimentary life or passivity.

  • Psycho-social stressors

  • Pregnancy

  • Obesity

  • Comorbidities - other existent diseases like Diabetes, Liver, and Kidney Diseases, Coronary Heart Diseases.

Non Modifiable Risks

  • Age

  • Race

  • Genetic or heredity

  • Signs and symptoms of hypertension disease

  • Occipital or temporal headache Palpitations Unexplained epistaxis Note

  • Other symptoms could be those suggestive hypertension complications and their comorbidities.

  • Classification

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

Malignant Hypertension:

Hypertensive emergency and urgency Diagnosis is mainly made during routine medical checks by measuring blood pressure. Once the blood pressure is high, then hypertension can be classified and other supporting investigations are done to exclude comorbidities and hypertension complications.


The choice of antihypertensive treatment or drug is directed by the clinical presentation of the client, comorbidities at the present, and complications if any.

  • Complication

  • Eye/sight problems

  • Heart failure

  • Kidney and liver failure

  • Stroke

  • Anemia

  • A high risk of diabetes

  • During pregnancy - miscarriage Hypertension can be prevented by avoiding its risk factors as described before mainly the modifiable risk factors.

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