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Posted on  December 4, 2021  by  Kenan

Malaria :

A fever that claims the lives of many children and even adults even now when medical science has advanced so much. With the African part of the world being most vulnerable to it. In 2019 almost 94% of the deaths caused by malaria were in Africa. Out of many reasons the topmost is the natural climate, the landscape that happens to be friendly for the mosquitoes to grow and develop – mosquitoes being the main reason for malaria—this will be explained later in the blog. For now, just know the malarial fever is the most common type of fever in African countries including Nigeria, Uganda, Congo, etc. out of these Uganda seems to be the worst affected where it results in various child deaths every year. The good thing is it is not something that can’t be avoided. Yes, you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from catching malaria by having a piece of detailed knowledge about it and following the small and easy precautionary measures. Now you might be thinking about what I should know about malarial fever and what are the precautionary measures. Don’t worry just keep on reading the blog as you proceed towards the end all you’ll find the answer to all your questions. So, let’s get started.

How is a malarial fever caused?

The chilly fever is caused usually by the bite of a specific breed of mosquito—a female anopheles—that transmits the microbe plasmodium in the blood of the victim and this plasmodium cause infection in the blood. The point to ponder here is that not every mosquito bite can transmit malaria it’s just female anopheles. Other than that, if the mosquito becomes in contact with the infected person then it becomes the carrier and can spread to other people by biting them. So, be careful around the already infected persons. Although it is not contagious the mosquitoes in the same area as the infected person can transmit it to you as well. ‘

Precaution Is Better Than Cure’ being careful is not a problem. This care should not be in a rude manner that adds to the suffering of the already sick malarial patient.

Causes of Mosquito attraction: It is commonly observed that some people attract mosquitoes more than others. In a gathering where these little creature is not bothering anyone else but one odd person keeps complaining about their bites. It is not like the complaining person is lying, the others are protected but he/she is vulnerable because there are specific elements that attract mosquitoes. These attractions are mostly related to how your body smells, or your skin type, or the sweat. Certain chemicals in our sweat attract the little creatures and they can be the plasmodium carriers as well. so, along with the environmental factors, these natural and personal factors make it inevitable to avoid mosquito stings completely. This only left the person with the option of taking necessary precautions.

Types of malaria: Depending on the type of the plasmodium there are five known types of malaria known. The infection differs because of the difference in carrier plasmodium.

These five plasmodia are listed below.

• P. falciparum (Plasmodium falciparum) • P. ovale (Plasmodium ovale)

• P. vivax (Plasmodium vivax) • P. knowlesi (Plasmodium knowlesi)

• P. malaria (Plasmodium malariae)

Plasmodium falciparum is the most abundantly found malaria parasite and this specific speice is responsible for most of the deaths caused by malaria. Africa is the most suffered continent when it comes to malaria deaths and infection and p. Falciparum is the most common malaria parasite behind the malarial deaths in Africa as well. Precautions to escape malaria: The plasmodium is a little microscopic creature but it can kill a whole person specifically if the patient has a weak immune system, therefore, preventing the disease is far better than going for treatment and bear all the pain caused by a disease named malaria.


The utmost necessary precautions one can take to minimize the chances of catching malarial fever are.

• Sleeping in a protecting net.

• Not letting water stagnant in any pit, worn-out vehicle, plant plots, or other such places.

• Cleaning the surroundings daily. • Not let the litter stay in a place for long and damp it properly.

• Use an insecticide coil, spray in the room or the place you are working, sleeping.

• Use insecticide cream or gel when going outdoor. Symptoms of malarial fever:

Symptoms of malaria

The most common symptoms of malaria include high fever accompanied by chills, fatigue, tiredness, and sometimes bitter taste. The fever is very high but it starts with you feeling chilly cold irrespective of the temperature of your surroundings, meaning even if it is 350 Celcius out there you might feel like 10C. so even in summer, you will feel cold and after some moments get a high fever. Change in taste is usually experienced when you use anti-malarial drugs. In most cases, fever is accompanied by flu, nausea, diarrhea. In the worst-case scenario or termed as side effects, malaria can further lead to anemia and sometimes jaundice even. If you feel flu, fever with chills, and have been exposed to mosquito bites don’t ignore it and consult a health specialist or worker urgently and seek the required assistance.


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