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Posted on  December 4, 2021  by  Adam


This is the infrequent passing of stool less than 3 stools a week. It can occur in all ages Causes can be multiple ranging from medical associated, psychological, dietary, lifestyle, drugs, and surgical

Medical causes are always medical illnesses that have constipation as their symptom like malaria, diabetes, enteric fevers, dehydration, worm infestations, etc

Psychological causes like discomfort to pass stool while in a given area, voluntary withholding of stool, anxiety disorders, stress reactions, etc

Dietary causes are low fiber intake (green vegetables and fruits), low water intake, too many hard foods, too much fiber intake, etc

Lifestyle causes are inactivity or passive way of life, bedridden people.

• Drugs like antidiarrheals, opioid drugs of abuse, antipsychotics, antacids, etc

Surgical causes are hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and abscesses, intestinal obstructions, intraluminal masses, inter abdominal masses, paralytic ileus, etc

• Pregnancy MANAGEMENT

This involves investigations of both laboratory and imaging to exclude medical and surgical causes of constipation Pharmacologic treatment is by laxatives, stimulants, and others, too per rectal interventions can be thought of like enemas, manual removal, etc Always enough water and adequate fiber intake is supportive and preventive coupled with exercises. Always contact us before medication BUSULWAADAMAKIM@ADAMCLINICOS


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