How does the consultation on Chat with a doctor work?

Online doctor consultation on chat start with matching you with a certified doctor based on your signs and symptoms. The specific doctor is then connected to you pn Chat. The response is sent to the patient after the consultation via chat. The consultation is valid for 4 days. A client can also chat with online doctor for any kind of guidance or support.

What If I don’t get a response from the doctor?

You are assured of a response from one of our available online doctors. The consultation notification is sent to the specific online doctor with your symptoms. In an unlikely case, when you don’t get a response from our specialist, the money is refunded back.

Will your doctor be able to solve health issue only by talking on a chat?

In a recent study, around 76% of the cases can be solved by an online consultation with doctor. However, if your condition has been confirmed by our doctor to be needing physical visit , then you will visit our nearest medical center depending on how you explain your condition to a doctor

Is the consultation on EdoctorUg private and secure?

All your medical history & online doctor consultation done on EdoctorUg are completely private & secure. The data stream between platform, patient & doctor is completely encrypted.

Is online consultation with doctor as effective as meeting them physically?

Yes, it is equally effective. In fact, talking to a doctor online helps both the specialist as well as individual to keep track of progress because unlike face-to-face meeting, the individual does not have to take off from work to keep up an appointment. They can engage in online session with doctor right from the comfort of their own home.